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The Cost of Moving to Vancouver from Calgary

Moving can be an exciting and fun adventure, as you leave the old and usher in the new. However, it also has its drawbacks. With the packing up of all of your belongings, it is easy for something vital to get left behind, or for it to be packed too early. Finding people who are willing to help you move is also a challenge, and can provide undue stress that can be hard to cope with.

Plus, when you are making a long-distance move, like the one from Vancouver to Calgary, it can be even more of a headache. This is why long-distance movers are so necessary, but they too, have a cost associated with them. This cost can be affected by many options, including:

Factors Affecting Long-Distance Movers

House Size

The size and number of rooms in your house can play a big part in the moving costs associated with a trip from Vancouver to Calgary. If you are only a single individual, you may be able to skip a long-distance mover and just cram everything into your personal vehicle. However, if you are a family with a full-sized home, this option will likely be unfeasible. 

Long Distance Movers Calgary

Moving 3 or 4 bedrooms with the other trappings of a home can be quite an ordeal and can affect the cost substantially. In some cases, the average hourly rate can increase by up to $30 for a long-distance move as opposed to a local move. 

Time of Year

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for moving, and long-distance movers are well aware of this. Rates will change depending on the season and the expected busyness of the moving company. This means that your move could be more expensive depending on the season when it will occur. You can mitigate this cost by adjusting your moving schedule to occur during a slower time of year.

The Cost of a Vancouver-Calgary Move

Even though more factors will affect your long-distance move, it is important to know what kind of cost you are looking at. Therefore, a typical long-distance mover will charge between $800-$2600 for a move of this size. Of course, as mentioned before, the higher cost is going to be for a larger house, and will likely include packing and cleaning services offered by long-distance movers. To reduce your costs, package and prepare as many of your belongings as possible before the movers arrive, and have the protective packaging wrapped around your furniture to reduce the time spent by them. 

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