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Calgary Professional Movers

Fast Quote Response

You won't be waiting around all day for a response with us - we respond to quote requests within the hour.

Calgary Professional Movers

Seamless Moving Day Process

You'll feel prepared on moving day instead of stressed out. We work to set you up so that everything goes smoothly when it comes time to load the truck.

Calgary Professional Movers

Friendly & Experienced Movers

You don't want just anybody handling your belongings. Our professional movers will make you feel confident that your stuff will arrive in your new home safely.

Calgary Professional Movers

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

We always take extra care with your belongings - but accidents still happen. Any accidental damage on moving day will be covered. Just another way we help you move confidently.


When It Comes To Your Stuff, Leave It to the Pros

Calgary Professional Movers Inc. has successfully moved thousands of Calgarians since we opened in 2012. You want to look for movers who have experience packing, moving, and storing but are also caring and professional and work hard to protect your assets. Our movers check all the boxes; whatever you need, we can do. 

Whether you need residential movers or office movers, whether you’re moving across the country or across the street, Calgary Professional Movers Inc. will ease the stress of moving. 

We keep it simple and friendly ensuring that your move is as smooth as possible. Simply fill out a form to request a quote, and we’ll get back to you right away. Together, we can make your moving experience a breeze instead of a burden.

Forget the Boxes – Get Green Moving Bins Ahead of Your Move

Moving is stressful, so let us make it easier for you. Forget expensive cardboard boxes, tape, and recycling –  our bins are easy on the wallet, reusable ,and good for the environment. They’re easy to pack, carry, and stack all of your belongings. We’ll drop off the bins ahead of your move, move them on moving day, and then pick them up after you’ve unpacked. We even offer packing services if you need some help before and after the move.

Request a quote today and ask about our green bins!