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Top 10 Tips To Picking The Right Moving Company For You

There are hundreds of different moving companies in Calgary. If you are planning to move, it can be overwhelming choosing one to hire. Some are naturally better than others, so you have to narrow down your field to those select few. But how do you choose the right company for you and your needs?

If you want a stress-free approach, then look no further than these tips on picking the right moving company for you.

10 Tips To Get The Best Calgary Movers Working For You

1) Get Referrals From Friends/Family/Colleagues

While jumping online is the first thing most people do today to find a moving company, it’s better to get referrals. Whether it’s from your friends, family or work colleagues, having someone who can personally recommend a company is excellent.

2) Do Background Research

Thanks to the likes of Facebook and Google, you will be able to get more in-depth information about any prospective moving companies in Calgary. With ratings out of five and personal reviews, you will be able to see what former customers have experienced when hiring the company. You will be able to scale back your list further after reading these reviews and ratings.

3) Estimates Matter

One of the most common mistakes that people make when hiring a moving company is that they hire the first company that hands them an estimate. That is the wrong way to go about it. Instead, ask a minimum of three different moving companies to give you an estimate. This way, you can see what you’re paying one compared to the other, so you know what you’re potentially missing anything.

4) Get Them To Your House

Online estimates are a great starting point, but they aren’t going to help you in the long run. You need the Calgary movers to see your house and your furniture in the flesh, so they know what to expect and how much they can charge you. After speaking to them on the phone or email, get them to your house for an inspection.

5) Do They Offer Additional Services?

In some cases, you are going to need more than just ‘moving’ services. You might need packing services, piano moving, storage or long-distance movers to help you with your move. Naturally, this means that you are going to find a company that can offer these services. However, it should be noted that you will be charged for these services.

6) Can They Work In Your Timeline?

When it comes to moving, you have a timeline to follow. Missing it can prove to be a disaster, so make sure the Calgary residential movers are free when you are so that you can hire them. If they’re booked solid, start the search again.

7) Assess How They Operate In Front Of You

Professionalism and customer-care is a valuable commodity when it comes to moving your home. When they come down for an inspection and estimate, see how they act around you. If they unsure about the work they can do for you, are late to your inspection, can’t answer your questions, or are pushy for you to hire them, these are red flags that they are not as professional as they seem. Be wary of them, and if they don’t seem up to standard, start looking for another company.

8) They’re Licenced Professionals

Being registered as a professional moving company is a positive sign that they can company should be taken seriously. Trade associations vet companies before giving them a membership or seal of approval. If they have one, or a few, it means they are certified for their work and have a reliable reputation in the industry.

9) Check With The Better Business Bureau

To keep an eye on the company’s track record, it is a good idea to research their information on the BBB – the Better Business Bureau website. It’s free and can provide you with a rating on how successful the business has been. If you find that the company isn’t listed on the BBB, eliminate it from your list and look for another one.

10) Double-Check & Final Review

Once you’ve nailed down your favorite residential moving companies, conduct a double-check and final review so you know what you’re getting with the company. If you are happy with them, call them and book them in!

We hope that these tips will help when it comes to your moving day. Best of luck!

Since 2012, Calgary Professional Movers Inc has been providing Calgary with the high-quality moving services. As a licensed and bonded moving company, we have everything you need in a Calgary moving company: professionalism, supreme customer service, respect of everyone’s belongings and a friendly demeanor. All members of our team are trained to the highest standards and strive every day to ensure total customer satisfaction. Call us today on 403-397-6524 or visit us at

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