Planning a big move is stressful at times, but don’t let it get you down. There are lots of fun and interesting things about moving too. Here’s a list of cool facts about moving companies in Calgary to help lighten the mood as you get ready to move.

7 Cool Facts About Moving Companies In Calgary 

August is the Busiest Month for Movers in Calgary

Spring and summer are the most popular times to move, and it’s easy to see why. The weather tends to be better for moving during these months making things less of a hassle. Also, for people with children, moving during the summer is less disruptive for school. August, in particular, is the most popular month to hire Calgary movers, so if you plan to move during this month be sure to schedule with a moving company well in advance. On the other hand, February is the least popular month in which to move.

Friday is the Most Popular Day for Moving Services

Moving companies in Calgary are busiest on Fridays. Scheduling a move for Friday means you have the weekend to get settled and start unpacking. Sundays are the least popular day to move since then there’s no weekend left. The middle of the month, rather than the beginning or end, is the most common time to move.

The Average Weight of a Move is 6000 Pounds

An average household has about 6000 pounds of stuff to move; that’s the same as the weight of an average-sized elephant. A commercial move could include two or three times that many pounds of stuff. With that much weight to move from one location to another, it’s easy to see why hiring office movers to help haul your belongings makes sense.

Two-Thirds of Moves with Calgary Moving Companies are Local

Although many people move from one part of the country to another, the most common type of move is actually a local move. About two-thirds of all moves are local.

Moving Companies Can’t Hold Your Belongings Hostage

You may have heard horror stories about moving companies holding people’s stuff hostage after a move in order to try to extort a higher payment, but this is against the law. Protect yourself against this and other types of moving fraud by only working with professional licensed moving companies in Calgary.

Hiring Movers in Calgary can Save You Money

Moving is often expensive, but hiring Calgary movers can actually help you save money. The cost of renting a truck, buying supplies, and moving everything yourself adds up quickly and often totals more than people expect. On the other hand, when you hire a professional moving company you know exactly what the cost will be upfront. Because they have the equipment and expertise to handle a move smoothly and efficiently, they can offer a reasonable price to move your things.

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Calgary Moving Companies Offer a Variety of Services

Not every move is the same, and not every moving service is the same. Some companies offer different services than others, so always make sure you know exactly what you’re getting when comparing quotes. Depending on your needs for a particular move, you can take advantage of a variety of services. Some people prefer to pack their own belongings and just hire a company to load them onto the truck and transport them to the new location. Other people prefer a full-service approach that includes packing services. Many moving companies also offer storage options if you need somewhere to keep your belongings during the move.

No matter what your next move is like, a moving company can help make the entire process easier and smoother. Now that you know these interesting facts about moving companies, contact one today to schedule your next move and make things less stressful as you plan.

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