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At Calgary Professional Movers Inc., we have the packers and movers that Banff residents love! We provide stress-free and straightforward service to make moving more relaxed. Why worry about packing, storing, labelling, and moving all your items and furniture when you have access to the best in the business? Whether you are moving around the corner, to Canmore, Calgary or anywhere across Canada, we have one goal: to make your move as easy as possible for you. We focus on you. We listen to what you want and build a moving plan around your schedule. We take into account your items, furniture, large items (like pianos), and then plan out the move, so we can get ready for delivery. Our friendly team will be with you from start to finish to make sure that we cover all steps of your move. With our A+ BBB ratings, you know that you’ve hired the furniture and appliances movers in Banff that everyone trusts. Don’t waste time with other companies, when the best is right here for you.

Rent Green Moving Bins When You Book Your Move

Forget expensive cardboard boxes; our bins are not only easy on the wallet but also reusable and good for the environment.

Easily pack, carry, and stack all of your belongings to be ready for moving day. We will drop off the bins ahead of your move, move them on moving day, and then pick them up after your move is complete.

We even offer packing services if you need some help before and after the move. Request your moving quote today and ask about our green bin promotion!

Calgary Professional Movers

The Most Trustworthy Movers in Banff

What makes us the most trusted and reliable Banff movers? The answer is easy — we provide all our clients with the services they need for a comprehensive moving package.

Our team is trained with years of experience to ensure we can help you with any job — regardless of how big or small it is. We have a range of services that can be used by Banff residents. We offer residential and commercial moves, as well as long-distance, student and senior moving services.

If you own a piano, we have the equipment to be able to properly move it. We can also pack your items and furniture as well as throw out anything you don’t need with our junk removal service. We also provide temporary storage solutions if you need to keep some of your items on hold. Plus, we help you prepare for your move with our complimentary green bins!

With everything you need in a moving company in Banff, why would you go anywhere else? Calgary Professional Movers Inc can help you in any way you need. And better yet, we do it for an affordable price!

Our experience in the industry highlights our continued commitment to our customers. Throughout all the successful jobs we’ve had, we know how to handle anything that comes up. We know how to pack your items and furniture properly, so they are protected the whole time. We organize all your things together, so unloading and unpacking are more comfortable than ever before. Our expertise as furniture & appliance movers means we have the know-how to move, store, and transport all types of furniture, appliances and items. When it comes to moving and storage services in Banff, we have you covered. There is nothing we can’t do for you.

Calgary Professional Movers

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to delivering a fast and professional moving service for all our clients - regardless of where you’re moving. Our focus on ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction has gained us the reputation as a trust Calgary moving company. We promise that you will be satisfied, relaxed, and happy with our affordable and efficient moving service. Trust the Calgary movers that will make your move easier.

Calgary Professional Movers

Fast & Efficient Process

We are committed to no waiting time on your end. We aim to make your moving day as simple and efficient as possible with our trained team of movers. Through this approach, we organize your move to ensure that everything is good to go come moving day so we can save you time and money. No time-wasting and no cash-grabbing with us. We’re the honest and transparent Calgary moving company you can trust.

Calgary Professional Movers

Experienced Movers

With years of experience behind us, our movers in Calgary are unmatched in their delivering top-notch premium moving services. We have the hands-on expertise and knowledge to handle any move - residential, office and long-distance, student, senior - you name it. Whether you’re moving in or around Calgary, Alberta or across Canada, our experienced movers can deliver the stress-free job for you - without breaking a sweat!

Calgary Professional Movers

Comprehensive Insurance

We understand that accidents happen that are out of our control. That is why we are comprehensively insured for our work and your move. We are covered for any mishaps that happen on the journey, so you can rest assured that your personal belongings are protected — no matter what. We are the movers in Calgary that take extra care of your personal belongings.

Calgary Professional Movers

Several Services Offered

Every move is different, which is why we’re here to offer you an array of services. We perform residential, commercial, and long-distance moves as well as senior and student moving services. We also offer additional services, including junk removal, packing and temporary storage. If you want Calgary movers that are going to provide you with the complete package, then we are the team for you.

Calgary Professional Movers

Green Moving Bins Available to Rent

We always strive to make your move easy. So to help you to get your packing started early, you can rent green moving bins two weeks before your move! They’re strong, resilient, and much cheaper than cardboard boxes. You can start preparing and organizing your items before we arrive. When your move is complete, our movers will pick them up.

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Calgary Professional Movers Inc. is Banff’s number one moving company! Over the years, our quality of service has seen us establish ourselves as the leading team in Banff. We pride ourselves on delivering affordable and high-quality moving services for all our customers. We’re fast, efficient, and you won’t be waiting around for us. We care about your move, so we will do what it takes to ensure that we deliver the premier service for you. With a massive array of positive reviews, insurance coverage for you and us, affordable and competitive prices, and fast service, you’re making the right choice contacting us. Get a FREE today with best Banff movers! We’re ready to help today.