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A Moving Company’s Advice on How to Pack Your Small Items

When you are looking for moving companies in Calgary, there are many options. A Calgary moving company can pack your items for you, store anything that can’t be moved into its new location right away and, when the time comes, make sure your property gets to its desired location. However, many homeowners prefer to pack their items before the moving company transports the goods to their final destination.

 If you have chosen to pack your items, you need packing tips from professional movers. Small items have a tendency to get lost or broken when not appropriately packed. Take the advice of a moving company. Their packing tips may save you a great deal of expense and frustration.

 It may be tempting to use up every ounce of space in your moving boxes by tossing in a few small items. These mistakes often lead to lost property. Instead, place small items in boxes together. Even better, use small or medium-sized boxes for these items. Don’t let them get lost in the XL moving boxes that are meant for books, pillows, electronics and other larger goods.

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Moving companies in Calgary recommend packing each item individually

 Place each item in a plastic bag to make it easier to move. Delicate items can be wrapped in plastic before being surrounded by packing paper. Take the time to tape the packing paper in place rather than simply crumpling it around a small, fragile piece. Don’t forget to place breakables at the top of the box if they are sharing space with other items.

Making a list of all items is recommended by moving companies

 It is a good idea for each of your boxes, but especially those that contain items that may be easily misplaced. Make a list of every item that is packed in the box, and then include a copy of the list on the inside. You can refer to the list when unpacking to make sure every item has been cared for and removed. 

 Before your next move, look for the best moving companies in Calgary. Even if you do all of the packaging yourself, you will need to ensure your property is in good hands on its way to your new home.

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